Lights of Remembrance

Our 2021 Lights of Remembrance Event was a resounding success!  Even with a few drops of rain, the luminaries were beautiful and those who attended loved the new setting at Pineway Ponds Park.  The Aurora House family wanted to share this beautiful event with more people in our community than our grounds would allow.   The Park offered that option, and Ogden Rec. worked closely with us to create a wonderful experience for our community.

This year’s event held special meaning given the difficult year we have all endured with COVID-19. Because of what we all experienced since March of 2020, the Aurora House family wanted to offer the community a moment of calm and beauty and a chance to reflect. Let us remember those we have lost, those we have relied on, and those who have guided us through these strange times.  As the day gave way to twilight the soft glow of candles reminded us of those who brightened our lives with their presence and influence.  The names of those honored by a luminary are listed below.  Thank you to all who celebrated and honored your loved ones with us.

Lights of Remembrance 2021

Luminaries were donated in memory, honor, or in thanks for the people in your life. This event was held at Pineway Ponds Park, May 1st, 2021.

Jerrel Alston
Chandler Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Paul Anderson
Michael & Doreen Arbore
Doris & Ernest Avel
Jessica Bailey
Jack Baker
Dorothy Baretsky
William Baretsky
Marcella & Jack Barnwell
Alvin Baure
Marian Baure
Beverle K Benson
John & Fay Berardicurit
Pam Steele Bergeron
Benjy Lee Blackman
Mary Blakely
Richard Blakely
Dick Blankfield
Floyd Blodgett
Angeline & Joseph Bonito
Lee Boughter
Peggy Boughter
Richard Boughter
Edwin Brown
Odette Bruns
Marilyn Burley
Isobel Burritt
James W Carey
Cindy Chait
Alma Jean Christman
Gus Cliff
Constance Clymo
John Collins
Tom Connor
Mary Cook
Elaine Crispino
Betty & Warren Crissy
Cindy Crowley
David Crowley
Ray Dennis
Allyn Dentlinger
Jack Deroller
Janice DiConstanzo
Lloyd Donnell
Robert (Bob) Doran
Tom Doran
Kristine Doty
Harry & Eleanor Easton
Lois Whittaker Excell
Patrick R Farmer
Bette Foster
John & Eva Fox
Jon R Fox
Kevin (Moe) Francis
Bill Gebhardt
Bob Gebhardt
Kai Gertson
Florence Giannavola
Mary Anne Glantz
Marie Glitzer
Marian Gonzalez
Tim Grady
Mary Carol Griffin
Joe & Pat Guinan
Barbara Harradine
Bernadette Harrison
Mary Beth Hart
Norah, Charles, & Brenda Hebblethwaite

Betty Hetzler
Mary Ann Hewes
Warren Hewes
Bill Hickey
Richard & Lindola Haljencin
Christine Hopkins
Dorothy Hoppin
Beverly Hunt
Mary Margaret & Edward Hurst
Diane Infantino
Doris Ingham
Margaret & Matthew Kalinowski
Nicholas A Kaplin
Meredith Kellogg
Kyle Kijowski
Michael Kinney
Kirk Kirkpatrick
Paul Klch
Alan Klee
Mr & Mrs William Koeck
Bruce & Bea Kolb
Jonathan Krenzer
Ellen Lawrence
Rudy Lazzazero
Denise Freel Lazore
Kingsley LeTouzel
Margaret (Peg) & Henry Ley
Marilyn Lill
Dorothy Cevice Lov
Allen Lowden
Mary Ann Lowden
Jo Lyons
Walter & Mary Macheck
Eileen Magin
Margaret Magin
Joseph Marchese
Dooley Maring
Michelina Marseglia
Rita Marvin
Anthony Mazza
Albert McNaney
James McNaney
Ertan Mergen
Jim Metz
Robert J Meyer
Fran Meyers
Evelyn & William Mildenberger
Carla Molinari
Cheryl Monachino
George Buzz Moore
Donald & Daniel Mosher
Paul Moss
Rich, Baby Ricky, & Lynn Neubauer
Lynn Neubauer
Judy Ann O’Keefe
Joe Opalenick
Bonnie Secondino Osgood
Agnes Palinski
Jennie Palozzi
Jack & Eileen Pelin
Kristine Dyrland Penny
Jack Piedmont
Christine Price
Terry Proseus
Diane Pryor
Joan K Quigley
Katie Quigley
Robert V Quigley
Carolyn (Carrie) Ray
Ann Ryanor

Gary Reed
Aubrey Reger
Ella Reger
David Resch
Midge Richards
Dave Richardson
George Riley
Pete & Faye Rodak
Joan Rogers
Roland Rogers
Helen Rosenthal
Jim Rowles
Teresa Ruocco
Elaine “Tiny” Rushnell
Norbert Sauter Sr.
Ruth Schaible
Bea Schantz
Bill Schantz
Edith Schippmann
Werner Schippmann
Don Schrock
Lillian Scott
Jim Silbaugh
Patricia Simpson
Marcia Siracuse
Joanna Slattery
Linda Smith
Holmes Somers
Shirley Somers
Norah Evelyn Steene
Louise Stein
Jane Stevenson
Frank Tantalo Sr.
Elaine Tascione
Charles & Chicky Tisa
Carolyn Toohey
Eugene Toohey
Beatrice Trembeth
Robert Trembeth
Eileen Trichanh
Jack Trimer
Jerry Trimer
Dixie Uhler
Leslie Vermeulen
Ivan Ville
Marc Ville
Nicolo & Antoinette Visconti
Kristen & Steven Wagner
Naida Walko
Bob Wallace
Helen Wasko
John Wasko
Roberta A West
Johanna White
Jim Williams
Daniel B Wright
Dean E Wright
Nadean S Young
Anthony Zamiara
Janet Zamiara
Cindy, Jack, Ray, & Betty
Dean, Carol, Alice, & Erwin
Members of the Burke Family
Members of the Cliff Family
Members of the Tudman Family
Members of the Winne Family
Friends of the Aurora House
All those we have lost to COVID-19