How does someone come to Aurora House?

A person must be admitted to Hospice care with a licensed Hospice Agency in order to consider coming to Aurora House. In Monroe County, UR Medicine Homecare Hospice and Rochester Regional Hospice are the two agencies that serve Hospice patients; the Hospice Nurse and/or Social Worker will initiate the referral process to Aurora if someone meets the criteria needed for admission to a Comfort Care Home.

Aurora House receives many referrals from both agencies. Sometimes people are at home with family, in a hospital setting, or in a Nursing Home. There are many factors that are considered when a referral is received; Aurora Staff weigh all of these factors carefully before offering a bed to a prospective resident.

The agency continues to oversee the Hospice Plan of Care along with a person’s physician once a person has come to Aurora; while the Comfort Care Home provides the hands on care and support, we are not responsible for medical decisions.  Aurora House collaborates with your Hospice agency and your physician to provide excellent end of life care.

What can I do as a family member to help my loved one be admitted to Aurora?

First, talk with the Hospice team (RN/SW). They are the point of contact for any and all Hospice services, including admission to a Comfort Care Home. They know who might be appropriate for a referral and can help guide you through the process.

And of course, if you have questions, feel free to contact Aurora House and one of our staff members will be happy to speak with you to answer your questions.