Since 2010, Aurora House has offered end of life care to our community members in the last weeks and months of their lives.  Residents find support and peace within our walls, and a chance to spend quality time with their loved ones.  We strive to fill the needs of our residents and families no matter what form they take: a hot meal, a cup of coffee, an ear to listen, a shoulder of support.

All services of Aurora House are offered free of charge through the generosity and kindness of our community, friends, and neighbors. Donations, memorials, grants, and fundraisers allow us to provide this gift to our community.  Volunteers are the heart of our home and give of themselves in many ways: care to our residents, cleaning, gardening, event planning, fund raising, cooking meals, and more. We also serve as a resource for information on Hospice & Palliative Care, end of life concerns, and grief support, in our community.

Offering welcome and comfort to family members

Mission Statement

Aurora House offers the highest quality end of life care with a personal touch in a home like setting for our residents and their loved ones, without financial obligation.  We serve as a vital resource of support and education to those facing grief and loss in our community.