Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone come into the care of Aurora House?

A person must be affiliated with a Hospice Agency in order to consider coming to Aurora House. UR Medicine Homecare/VNS Hospice and Lifetime Care are the two agencies serving Monroe County Hospice patients and will initiate the referral process to Aurora on behalf of a person who needs our care. The agency continues to oversee the Hospice Plan of Care once a person has come to Aurora. Aurora House partners with both agencies and with your physician to provide excellent end of life care.

How long can I stay at Aurora House?

The mission of Aurora House is to provide care and support to people who are dying in a peaceful, home-like environment. Referrals for admissionare made by the hospice agency when a person is thought to be in the final three months of his or her life. Our staff work with the hospice agency nurses to coordinate smooth transitions for those determined to be appropriate for Aurora House. Occasionally, a resident’s condition improves to the point he or she no longer needs hospice care or is no longer appropriate for Aurora House due to stabilization in condition. In that event we will work with the resident, their family, and the agency to find a safe alternative for long term care.

What does it cost to stay at Aurora House?

The services of Aurora House are provided at no charge to our residents or their families because of the compassionate generosity of our supporters who provide donations, memorials, grants, fund raising events, and volunteer hours.

Is this a religious organization?

Aurora House recognizes that each person is a spiritual being who needs a connection to others and to find meaning in his/her experience. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination. We encourage the exploration and expression of your personal faith traditions, and we do not discriminate on the basis of your religion, sex, race, or family orientation.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted inside the Aurora House; however, ashtrays are provided in a sheltered area outdoors.

Are there visiting hours?

Historically, friends and family have been welcome to visit and there were no prescribed visiting hours. Due to the Pandemic, these policies and protocols have had to be modified to keep everyone safe.  Families are asked to sign an agreement to abide by COVID protocols before a resident it accepted into Aurora House.  For the safety of our residents and volunteers our doors are always locked.

Do you accept donations? How can we support the house?

ABSOLUTELY! It costs over $400 per resident per day to provide the 24-hour care for our residents. Our house is completely supported through the generosity of our community: we receive no government or insurance monies to offset our expenses. Monetary donations and gifts in kind are ways to directly help offset our fundraising needs. Often visitors would like to help in some way. PLEASE let others know how to pay it forward in order for us to continue to offer our services. Gift cards to stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Wegmans, Tops, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon), postage stamps and items from our wish list are welcomed. Donation receipts are available for tax purposes.