Strategic Imperatives 2023

When an organization remains committed to a successful future, some element of change will likely be a by-product of that investment. 2022 proved to be the year for the Aurora House leadership and board of directors to step into a season of reflection, deliberation, and renewal.

As a team, we walked through the steps of strategic planning. And, yes, there were walls and walls of sticky notes! The members of the board of directors for Aurora House offer diverse areas of expertise, as well as varying levels of history with the House, which proved to be valuable contributions to our discussions; we learned a LOT about the history of the House and the intrinsic passionate motivation to build the house both physically and emotionally. Everyone in the room was committed to continuing that dream.

Do you know what differentiates Aurora House in end-of-life care? We are willing and able to accommodate patients with more complex issues and care needs that other houses are not equipped to handle. And as a result of our examination of continuing to be a reliable, valuable community partner, we have formalized an education program that addresses the many facets of end of life, including managing caregiving, grief, and all that follows the loss of a loved one.

We want to serve the community in this capacity. When you need us, we are here.

“A simple way to access compassion is to see with the eye of your heart.”

~ Catherine Carrigan, author