Shoe Drive

October 14th – December 10th


How it Works.

  1. Clean out that Closet!
  2. Tell your family/friends/coworkers… EVERYBODY!
  3. Collect PAIRS of gently used or new shoes.
  4. Deliver bagged shoes to Aurora House.
  5. Track our progress right on this page.
  6. And Your Done!


What a Shoe Drive does.

Would you ever think that your gently worn, used or new shoes could benefit Aurora House residents and families?  Well they can and here’s how!

Young Entrepreneur

A Shoe Drive is a creative way to help raise money for Aurora House AND help those less fortunate than ourselves, in developing nations like Haiti, India, and Tanzania. (our partner in this endeavor) pays organizations like Aurora House for gently used/new shoes. They then ship the shoes to people in developing countries and teach them to set up micro-enterprises selling the shoes. This possibility can help families mired in poverty to begin climbing out of that hopelessness.   You might say this is the modern day version of “Give a man a fish…” But, substitute “sneaker” for the fish…

Aurora House will be paid based on poundage of shoes, so the more we collect, the better!

Questions?  Please call 585-617-4863 or email OR