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Aurora House is a two-bed comfort care home (or Hospice Home) for the dying. We provide care for people when their medical team has indicated a prognosis of less than three months. In collaboration with a Home Care Hospice Agency and a resident’s physician, Aurora House volunteer caregivers and staff offer end of life care that is rooted in compassion, comfort, and dignity: the basis of the Hospice & Palliative Care philosophy. Our House offers residents a home-like setting in which to find peace and fulfillment at this important time.  In addition, we offer support to family and friends freeing them from caregiving and allowing them to simply be with their loved one.

When someone comes to Aurora House for end of life care, we focus not only on medical and physical needs they have, but also on who they were throughout their life and who they are now. Each of our residents has worth and deserves to “matter”, especially in this final stage of their life.

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Care in Many Forms

We strive to support both our residents and their families as they walk through a very difficult time. Sometimes this means simply sitting with a resident, offering a caring presence in the room; sometimes it means playing a board game with younger family members to help them pass the time. Perhaps it means arranging for a visit from a cherished pet, or helping coordinate a phone call with out of town relatives who want to touch base. There is much more to a person than just physical and medical needs at this time; Aurora House attempts to address wishes and requests of our residents and families no matter what form they may take. In this way we can contribute to quality of life at a time when it is of utmost importance.

You and Your Loved One

Sometimes people come to Aurora House after many months of family members offering care at home; sometimes they arrive after a stay in the hospital. No matter what path leads to Aurora, this place is about you and your loved one. Aurora House provides a homelike environment that surrounds residents with warmth, understanding, and acceptance. It is a place to be together and a chance, once again, to simply be family, be friend, be loved one.