From Our Families

  • "There was a calmness, love, and security I felt there and actually missed when I left. I could never express the gratefulness in my heart.”
  • “Not only did you extend your hands in a time of need, you opened your hearts to ‘strangers’ who didn’t know where to turn for help.”
  • “There are just no words to express how we feel for the honor, respect, caring, and love that not only my father received, but our whole family from everyone at Aurora House.”
  • "I miss all the many friends I met and got to know who showed so much compassion to both of us (her mom–the resident and herself)."
  • "When I think about the house and the time we spent there, instead of painful and heart-breaking, I actually remember it with a fondness and the sense of peace my mom and I both experienced there."
  • “I know my mom was in the best place for care, love, and attention. Thank you for all you do!”