Adopt a Day is a way to honor important people in your life while supporting Aurora House and our mission of compassionate care for the dying.

Perhaps you would like to honor a loved one who has died, or recognize someone who has influenced your life.  Perhaps you want to acknowledge an important date that is coming up in the future, or maybe you are simply interested in a fun and unique way to support Aurora House!

The names of people honored appear on this month’s Adopt a Day page.  You can also include a short message along with your person’s name.

How do I adopt a day? It’s easy!

  • Select a day, or several days, of special significance to you.
    • A birthday, an anniversary, any day you wish to commemorate. If you don’t want to choose a day, you can let us choose one for you.
  • Complete the Adoption Form on this page
  • You can be designated on your chosen date as the Donor, or remain anonymous.
  • Donate the $100.00 Adoption Fee by clicking the Paypal button below.
  • You will receive confirmation that we have received your “adoption papers” via email.